Saved by The… Fanny Pack


Zack Morris tested, Mr. Belding approved!

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Get to know it:

Zack was concerned that kelly wouldn’t go to the big dance with him, that was before he adorned her with one of these cute fanny packs. They danced the night away, with extra protection, right there in the fanny pack. No midnight trips to the convenience store for Mr. Morris. Thats right all you boppers, these neon fanny packs are all it takes! Screech showed up to Bayside wearing one and what do you know, Lisa finally said yes. Practice safe dancing kids! Get your significant other a cool fanny pack like right now!!

Enjoyable buzz words:
Cool fanny packs. Fresh gear. funny fanny packs. Cute fanny pack. Fanny pack hat.

Design Specs

  • Embroidered logo
  • Neon pink and blue nylon
  • Water Resistant
  • 4 pouches
  • 13’ wide x 5.5’ tall
  • Neon green nylon belt
  • White buckle. 90s collection

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 in

90s Collection




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