JAWS Fanny Pack


DaaaaNuuuuuh DaaaaNuuuuuh Daanuhh Danuh Daaa

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Get to know it:

Lightening, and rainbows, and sharks- oh my! Great white sharks- oh. my. gosh! Becky look at that cute fanny pack. It so rad, and 90’s. It’s so, out there! Our most vibrant fanny pack. Catch an electric rainbow wave with these cool fanny packs. Something awesome is lurking in the water!

Enjoyable buzz words:
Funny fanny packs. Neon fanny packs. 80’s clothes. Fresh gear. Cute fanny packs.

Design Specs

  • Wood label
  • Sublimated poly blend lifestyle print
  • 4 pouches
  • 13’ wide x 5.5’ tall
  • Sublimated poly blend lifestyle print belt
  • Black buckle
  • 90s collection

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 in

90s Collection


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