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With our diverse collections, unique styles and small MOQ’s, B Fresh is the perfect addition to your retail location or shop. Most styles of our hats, fanny packs, wooden sunglasses, visor sunglasses, beanies, and more are available for wholesale. A detailed PDF of our current selections is available at anytime upon request.

Flexible & Creative

We are happy to accommodate small orders and will work with your business on an individual level to ensure the best possible success for your store. If you are unsure what will sell best at your store or shop we are happy to make recommendations based on your demographic or region. We can also create custom displays such as sunglasses racks or a mix product showcase as well.

We'll let you call Dibs

Being that we often make small batch and limited run designs, we offer pre-orders on upcoming collections and styles so you can rest assured that you can attain a particular collection or design for you retail location.

Got That Mass Appeal

One of the great aspects of our brand is the diversity of locations and demographics it appeals to. Whether you are in the high mountains of the Rockies or a sandy coast in Southern California, we have products that will sell well and resonate with your local audience.

Custom Products

If you are ever in the need for custom merch for your store, we also offer private label designs for a wide range of products. To find out more, please visit our private label page.

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