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Brand Ambassadors

People skills. Salesmanship. Ability to roll with the punches and bench press the universe! Engaging smile. Inspired soul. Fashion forward. Do you posses some or all of these qualities? Quit eating Ramen and send us your bio.

Resumes are for jobs. Un-job yourself in your free time and get ready to join an artistic community. Not too professional, a little bit ridiculous, b fresh opportunities range from sales, design, all forms of marketing to creating content. Sell yourself and help us sell out of everything we’re selling. We mean that in the most fun loving, platonic way possible!

  • Skilled with a camera? – Send us your work and we’ll send you something fresh in exchange for product shots.
  • Got a hat that just needs to happen? – Send us your designs, if one tickles our fancy we’ll pay you for it and set you up for some residuals.
  • Graphic designers – let’s link up and get some of your ideas on people’s heads, literally!
  • Campus Reps – wanna spread swag in the classroom?
  • Social butterflies – put that rolodex of friends to work, on or off the net!
  • Cool fanny packs enthusiasts & 90s apparel fanatics – we want to hear from you!

The b fresh culture is all about connecting, expanding, and shared experiences. Let’s build a custom relationship that caters to both of our needs. We can’t advise you to quit your day job just yet, but if you’re looking for some excitement and some beer money on the side, drop us a note! We’ll write you back. Seriously, all inquiries welcome! Millennials, we understand you, let’s build something and b fresh together!

Meet The Ambassadors:

Scotty G

Scotty G

A scalawag and a scholar, a true champion of friendship for the people! We took my Camry to SxSW 13′ where B, Fresh and I got real sweaty with it and began the visor shade movement. Credited with getting a pair of the retro sunglasses on Macklemores face and unlocking new levels of Instagram fame. And so it began! Like a clean cut festy rat, my skills are diverse. My Spirit animal is the honey badger! No need to ask why… I try my best to eat clean but sometimes I clean out a bag of cookies. Usually past midnight. I am free in the ways of the yogi! I am learning to teach and be at peace with the universe. Let’s be friends, I’ll give you a bite of my ice cream sandwich.

Logan Williams

Logan Williams

Raised in the Tahoe wilderness by a family of bears, I grew up doing some pretty neat things. I was lucky to be exposed to and became skilled in backpacking, alpine racing, hiking, climbing trees, cross country mountain bike riding, and mountaineering. I dabbled in personal training for a time and athletic development. Since moving to Colorado I have pursued these passions and even taken up sport climbing as a new endeavor. Along with this, I am currently pursing the goal of summiting all 14ers in a calendar year to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, a disease my grandfather is battling with now. My dream is to open my own brewery and coffee shop to build community. I love, laugh, and live big. Everyone has a story, and I want to hear/be a part of as many as possible. Cheers and don’t be shy if you see me outside or sipping on a cold one, always say hi!!

Tara Rockmount

Tara Rockmount

Hey lovelies! If you’ve ever had an inquiry for the b fresh team, or we shipped your package to the wrong address (that never happens!) you’ve probably received a message from me. I’m the gal who keeps the team organized and on point! Customer service is my middle name. Exchanges, returns, relationship advice… I’m here to assist. When I’m not packing Brian and Jons lunches and crisping up their collars, you can find me at the yoga studio or on a trail somewhere off the beaten path. I like all things turquoise and the b fresh safari style bucket hats, which was my brilliant idea (contrary to what the boys will tell you)! It was also my fab fashion sense that encouraged the design team to create a line of matching hat/fanny combos. From line dancing, to throwing my fives up at my favorite hip hop shows (HIGH FIVE HIP HOP IS MY ISH!), I too am a bit of a scally and a scholar. But I’m wayyyyy prettier than Scotty ;0

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